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Slides from the Mass Effect panel at SDCC

Cool notes on the Hero’s Armor from Gamble:
-Helmet is detached from armor and made to be easy to look around in
-Belt and lights on the armor are where the player will be able to customize the armor (which is why the belts/bands are not seen in the turn around slides)
-The N7 logo on the armor
-The Hero’s race is human, but something else Gamble said hinted at other races as playable characters

Parting Thought:
-Gamble used the word “Galaxies” and a fan asked him if that meant galaxy exploration outside the Milky Way. Gamble said that he couldn’t say anything about that at this time. This is notable because it fits with other stuff he said in the presentation about the next game: emphasis on exploration, we will see new and old races, and that the new game will have the theme of “new experiences for players with a touch of the old stuff they know and love.” (Also: Mass Effect Galaxies would be a cool title)